Leslie Koehler Pottery

About Leslie Koehler Pottery

working the clayL. Koehler Pottery officially began in 1989. Each piece of her pottery is unique, hand thrown and hand painted. Leslie received a degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts focusing her studies on Japanese Ceramics.

After graduation she held a year long apprenticeship with a potter in Amherst, Massachusetts. Leslie then traveled first to Alaska , then to Africa where she worked with traditional potters to learn the artistic skills of indigenous cultures.

Moving to Vermont in 1985, Leslie worked as studio assistant at the University of Vermont, then resident potter and instructor of pottery at both the Shelburne Craft School and Goddard College.

Leslie has created a range of pottery from Garden ware, to pit fired forms and now works exclusively in Majolica style functional earthenware. Leslie Koehler has created a style of her own that is continually evolving with new designs and patterns.

Leslie Koehler in her workshop terra cotta bowl on the wheel Leslie Koehler in her workshop