Leslie Koehler Pottery

Custom Wedding Bowls

Artisan designed and handmade, L. Koehler personalized bowls are highly decorative works of art inspired by the commemorative ceramics seen in the Renaissance. Historically, commemorative pottery was produced to mark and celebrate special occasions such as weddings, births, engagements and retirement. L. Koehler personalized wedding bowls are approximately 12 inches in diameter and approximately 45 inches in height, and come with a vine pattern etched into the exterior surface. On the glazed interiors, all commemorative bowls include handlettered names and event date, and each is signed by the artist.

Any L. Koehler design may be personalized to any occasion (the most popular designs for the wedding bowls are pictured here). Bowl size may be negotiated as well, and additional lettering such as place names, family sayings and retirement information may be added.

Please contact me to discuss design details and ask questions. Don't forget to order some matching bowls or plates to accompany the Wedding Bowl.

custom wedding bowls
custom wedding bowls
custom wedding bowls
custom wedding bowls
custom wedding bowls
detail of dragonfly bowl
dragonfly detail

detail of lettering
lettering detail

detail of vine