Leslie Koehler Pottery


working the clayThe vibrancy of red earth has always attracted me. Making things with my hands has always been a passion, with clay taking precedence over twenty years ago. I have always enjoyed the feel of natural clay and want the original material used to be reflected in the pieces I produce. For me, clay is a living material and I wish to allow it to reflect the earth from which it came. The terra cotta I use is smooth and sensual, very easy to manipulate on the wheel. I glaze the interior of my bowls, and leave the exterior untouched. Painting the glaze is a very organic process. This process balances the inside of the pot with the vibrant terra cotta clay on the outside

finished bowls with majolica glazeMy pottery is designed with decorative elements that will fit into any environment. The richness and functionality of Terra Cotta clay has been used for centuries with decorative and utilitarian purposes to adorn the corridors and tables of everyday life.

I use a combination of a natural clay finish and a Majolica glazed interior. The absence of an exterior glaze results in a vibrant colored earthy red terra cotta finish.

Majolica glaze is applied to the interior of the bowls, then decorations and patterns are hand painted on the Majolica surface. The whiteness of the glaze is an invitation for color and pattern. Patterns are carefully carved out of the stained glaze surface before firing. Each piece is hand thrown and one of a kind.

All L. Koehler pottery is signed or stamped with artist mark and Made in Vermont logo.

completed pottery on shelves in the workshop completed pottery on shelves in the workshop completed plates with majolica glaze