Leslie Koehler Pottery


Leslie Koehler, artist and founder of L. Koehler Pottery has been a professional potter for twenty years. Her studio is located in Marshfield, Vermont on a beautiful country road and nestled deep in the hills of the Green mountains.

"My creative inspiration comes from an interest in Mediterranean Pottery, the tiles of the Middle East and North Africa, and Japanese Ink Painting with its simple, yet elegant brushwork. Travel is a great inspiration for me and adds immensely to my designs and life as an artist."
Leslie Koehler

Leslie Koehler's Majolica style pottery incorporates the many elements of her world-wide interests in designing and crafting her work. All of her pottery is one of a kind and created to be cherished for generations.

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Dragonfly bowl

About the logo

Terra Cotta is a very suggestive surface for design and the juxtoposition of light and shadow. My signature mark, or chop, came by way of an accident. After eating a peach one afternoon, I pressed the pit into the clay I was working with and discovered the beautiful leaf like pattern you see on each piece of L. Koehler Pottery. The rectangular outline has had several metamorphoses starting with a lead rectangle from an old printing set, the new rectangle is simply a Lego piece. I have been using the same peach pit for at least 10 years.